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Tummy Time


Place the baby in SnugPod on their tummy with the cushioned tube under the baby’s chest and armpits with the arms out in front of them. This will help your baby develop a strong neck and shoulder muscles which will promote motor skills. It can also prevent the back of your baby’s head from developing flat spots.



We love to lounge. So do our little ones.

Simply detach the toy arch to provide the ultimate soothing environment. SnugPod can be used as a comfy place to lay, rest and lounge next to you. The padded sides will keep your little one cosy. 



Make it playful with our complimentary mobile toy arch set. The mobile toy arch is the perfect complement to our SnugPod. The mobile toy arch allows for babies to be active and entertained. Your baby will love reaching for and playing with the dangling soft toys, which will help strengthen their muscles and motivate their sensory development and imagination.

Nappy Time

Release the buckle at the end of the SnugPod to lengthen the Pod allowing easy access for a quick nappy change.

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