Safety Tips

The safety of your little one is our top priority which is why we have put together a few tips to help keep your little one safe.


  • Always be present. It is important to stay near your baby at all times whilst in the SnugPod. All activities must be carried out under supervision.


  • Make sure there are no pillows, cushions or loose covers over or near the Pod so your baby can pull on top of them and risk suffocation. Nor add any blankets under them whilst in the pod.


  • Place the SnugPod on a firm, stable surface and make sure your baby is somewhere safe, should they happen to roll or climb out of the Pod.


  • Always place the baby on their back in the SnugPod aside from during tummy time.


  • The Pod is portable however never carry your baby whilst inside the SnugPod.


  • Always ensure the SnugPod is only used when fully assembled and zipped up. Loose parts can cause suffocation.


  • Please read the Warning Label carefully.

Warning Label.jpg
Warning Label.jpg